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My main activity here on the World Wide Web is creating long form video game critiques over at the wonderful Well Red Mage, a website that encourages civil discussion in the video games industry through reviews, editorials and podcasts.

I also host a monthly video gaming podcast called Shart Select, in which my two co-hosts and myself sit down to discuss the month in gaming, what we’ve been playing and a different “feature piece” every episode. We have also recently started an infrequent side series called Follow Through, in which we drop the script and just have a chat about our favourite movies.

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So if that’s what I do, what is this site for?

Well I also enjoy writing every now and again. I write the occasional short story based on prompts from story dice and am currently working on a longer novella also, which I will start to post about when I actually have something for you to look at.

I have also recently come into possession of a book of my late grandfather’s poetry, which I have decided to upload to this site in his memory. They’re getting some great viewing numbers so I think he’d be very proud!

So read on and, hopefully, get some enjoyment from the musings within!


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