Merry Christmas Everyone!

Okay so I’m cheating here. It’s actually the 22nd as I write this and I’m sat in a Costa coffee shop in Manchester, awaiting the moment when my fiancee and I can go and visit the in laws and drop off presents. Downside is, that’s an hour off yet!

So I figured that instead of sitting here bored I’d type up a little post just to say merry Christmas and happy new year to all of my new Twitter and WordPress friends, as well those who know me in real life and somehow have kept up with what I’m doing online now.

It’s been a very interesting and transformative year for me and it’s all thanks to (more or less) abandoning Facebook and putting more time and effort into my Twitter account. It’s through Twitter that I stumbled upon a genuinely wonderful little gaming site called The Well Red Mage, a site that’s all about improving the way we talk about video games and avoiding the more toxic nature of the industry at large. After reading some of the contributors excellent pieces and listening to a couple of episodes of the excellent Magecast podcast I stumbled upon a most interesting post, calling for people to join the site as contributors.

Should I do it? Would my writing even be any good? I had never submitted anything for review before, my writing had only been a passion project for myself and a couple of friends, and yet I thought to myself “what do I have to lose?” I submitted a review of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee to the site’s wonderful owner and chief editor and, much to my joy and amazement, he welcomed me to the team!

A few months have passed since then and I am writing my 7th review for the site. It’s been a blast working with these Mages (and they have a fantastic Discord server) and for the first time in years I feel inspired to create content again.

As of last week myself and 2 of my best friends recorded a podcast of our own and that was huge fun, hopefully we can refine our techniques and grow our listener base over 2019. I’m also writing a short story every week based on a roll of the story dice, which I’m really enjoying too!

Fun and ever so tasteful!

So merry Christmas you filthy animals, I hope you all have a fantastic time and I look forward to chatting to you all in the year ahead!

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