Things to Come

First of all, apologies for the lack of content over the last couple of months. Between wedding prep (6th July, eep!) and starting a new job I’ve been pretty busy in the day to day stuff and, I’ll be honest, haven’t felt like writing in a while.

I have, however, recently submitted my review of Atlus Games’ Persona 5 over at The Well Red Mage, which has reignited the old writing boiler, resulting in my all time most read review for the site (and, well, ever) and also maybe sparked my inspiration for some future projects.

First of all, my work for Moses and the gang over at TWRM will continue, as soon as I’ve chosen which game to review next that is. Shart Select has been very quiet, which I apologize for to all of the Shart Gang, but we are currently talking about getting a paid domain for that which is causing some delay in posting on my part. To be honest, I’m not even sure what to post on there at present, apart from my TWRM reviews and maybe some shorter bespoke pieces for the site in future. The companion articles need rethinking, but that’s something I can deal with over time and maybe my good friend and co-host Ryan (@ShartSelectRyan over on Twitter) can post some of his brilliant YouTube videos on that site too.

But what about right here, good old Winst0lf Portal? Well, I have a couple of ideas for this dusty old place going forward and, if I can keep at it, am considering going paid later on in the year and losing all these darned ads. To start with, we have my grandad’s poetry collection, which I will get back to posting on a regular basis, it’s wonderful that people around the world can read them and it brings my grandmother so much joy too. I’ll also get back to the story dice fueled short stories soon as well, as I did enjoy those and the random scenarios that my mind summoned up from these prompts.

Finally, I have another story in the works, a sci-fi/military thriller which, currently, is without a name but stands at 57 A4 pages long. It’s not far from being first draft complete now and, after being proof read by several of my wonderful writer friends, I hope to get it refined and self published, so I may post on here about that from time to time.

Anyway, that’s all from me for now, hope to interact with you all more in the coming weeks. Remember, I’m @winst0lf on Twitter and Instagram so feel free to get in touch!

Craig (aka Wist0lf aka The Bizzaro Mage)

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