The Creative Christmas Collab 2020 – Luna from Gamers United

Well it’s Christmas time everyone, in what has been a very turbulent and chaotic year!

Yep, things will be different for many this festive season, but one truth always remains: we bloggers are all great people who admire each other’s work and love to promote it where possible!

To these ends, the lovely Chris Durston (aka The Vaguely Philosophical Mage, aka OverthinkeryY) has come up with an awesome idea, a secret Santa of sorts where we each must promote a fellow blogger’s work!

Winst0lf Portal was lucky enough to get the lovely Luna, of Gamer’s United. Specifically, a very interesting and somewhat nostalgic ranking she did of the best Call of Duty perks! Check it out below…

So first up, Luna speaks serious truths here! During my ill-fated attempt to get good at multiplayer shooters, Scavenger was an essential perk, as I usually sprayed all of my assault rifle bullets into everything but the other players in the first 10 seconds, so collecting dead people’s rounds was a handy perk to have indeed!

Sleight of hand too, that was always good, ramming a new magazine into your AK-47 at the speed of light was a surefire way to stay alive!

Luna’s writing style is great fun and informative all at the same time, even though it’s been years since I played CoD, this piece gripped me and kept me entertained all the way through!

Luna had written many other interesting pieces too, including a brilliant article about throwing a party in Animal Crossing to counter the misery of the pandemic was a particular favourite. I’ve not played that game but this story is a great advertisement for it!

To finish, let’s learn a little about Luna…

Well, anyone who enjoys gaming, anime and helping others in the bloggaverse is a friend of mine and definitely worth following! (Apologies for not following you sooner, I’m rubbish at using WordPress’s social elements, you definitely have a new fan now!)

So get Luna followed, read up on Gamers United’s posts and have a great festive season everybody!

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