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Greeting, one and all, and welcome the heck back to Seriously Geeking By here at Winst0lf Portal! Today we’re looking at questions about, well, decorating things, but in the usual, geekdom themed style summoned forth by the massively skilled Heather, of Just Geeking By, who is awake night and day forging questions in her smithy, the fires never go out, like that forge star in Infinity War!

Anyway, let’s have today’s rundown, shall we?

We’ve come to the final week of the Adorn, Decorate and Embellish three-month theme. It’s Inspire Your Heart With Art Day today which is the perfect day to explore the topic of decorating in relation to fandoms and being a geek.

Question 1 – Do you decorate your home with geeky products?

The house, not so much. There’s a few fun geeky items here and there, like some excellent Pop Vinyls in the living room on the DVD shelf (Professor Frank N Furter, Lugo and Hoggle, General Grievous and Man-At-Arms aka Duncan Biscuits), a robot, a little model car made of card, it’s understated alright?

My main geeky artifacts exist upon my battered old bookcase upstairs however. Expensive Final Fantasy VII figurines, Lego models and a cool replica flintlock pistol, should I wish to be a highwayman anytime soon!

Question 2 – Do you own any posters or fanart prints? If no, what ones would you like to buy?

I own but one poster from a geekdom these days, which is my excellent Displate Witcher metal poster which lives on the headboard upstairs. Look at it, Geralt is amazing!

Displate gallery by Eden Design | Witcher art, The witcher, The witcher game

Back when I was a kid in the ’90s, I was obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog. I collected Sonic the Comic and, each week, they included a double page poster of a badnik, one of the robotic enemies from the series. I actually had so many that I covered every inch of wall of delightful robot goodness!

Question 3 – Have you ever commissioned an artist?

I have indeed, in fact I have commisioned two!

The first I commissioned was the lovely Shaina, who creates both excellent fanart and original characters in her very unique style. Shaina created my original Twitter avatar, based on the Final Fantasy IV character Cecil (the base sprite for my Bizzaro Mage avatar on The Well Red Mage). Needless to say, she did a stellar job and should definitely be commissioned!

I have also commissioned two pieces from Tony, an amazing artist from Mexico who brings a uniquely vibrant style to his work. I commissioned these two pieces (of my cats and a photo from my wedding day) for the wife, needless to say she loves them, and who wouldn’t? Commission Tony also!

Question 4 – What character’s home/room gives you DIY envy?

I’m a countryside kind of person, give me isolation and quiet any day of the week!

In that vein, Arnie’s cool house up in the mountains in Commando would be a pretty swell place to live! You could do all things that Arnie (well, John Matrix… best name ever, right?) and his daughter Jennyyy!!! do in that movie there, stroll into town for ice cream, casually a massive tree trunk on your shoulder, look at a deer… all to an epic kettledrum soundtrack!

So good it broke the quality!

It would all be great, until a guy that looks like Freddie Mercury in a chainmail vest drops by and kidnaps Jenny, that is, then you’d need to go on an epic rescue mission, full of one liners!

Did I… did I even answer the queation? Probably not!

Question 5 – The main character of the last fandom you enjoyed is giving your room a make-over; what does it now look like?

Hoooo boy, Lincoln Clay from Mafia 3 eh?

Well, he’s from 1968, served in the Vietnam war and had his loved ones heartlessly slain by the mob, setting him off on a ruthless and bloody quest for revenge! How would Lincoln decorate his room, then?

Maybe posters of bands from the era, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, all that good stuff? Pictures of cool 60’s cars like the Samson Drifter? A lot of colours that might look a bit dated in 2021 I’m sure…

But hey, I wouldn’t argue with the guy, would you?

Question 6 – If you could decorate a room in the style of a fictional place what would it be?

Maybe one of those mad puzzle rooms from the Spencer Mansion back in Resident Evil!

I can see it now, loads of weird pictures with bizarre clues hidden on them, a statue that can be rotated to point to… something…, a big clock where one hand is a key, you could do all sorts, even use it as an escape room to make some extra dinero!

I’d leave the shuffling, undead horrors out of it though, hard to lose the smell!

And hey presto, another exciting edition is completed! Thanks as always for stopping by and reading my rambling nonsense, always a pleasure to have you over! Make sure to check out all of the other top tier writers participating under the #SeriouslyGeekySundays hashtag, they be spinning gold, and also check out Shaina and Tony, the artists I mentioned above!

See y’all next time!

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  1. Nice post! That’s cool how you got an artist to be commissioned for some things for you. I guess I have a few nerdy things even though my DVD collection isn’t as big as what it used to be. Some memorabilia I have include my Read or Die DVD autographed by Crispin Freeman, band shirts, various anime and international movie DVDs, some posters, two Pop Vinyls, and I have a black and white cel of Kimba fighting Claw which I found at a good price on eBay in good condition.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem. That’s cool and if I ever need art commissions. My two Pop Vinyls are Megaman and Kimba. The first one I got as a Christmas present a few years ago and the other one was a Japanese import I found on eBay. It’s fascinating finding official memorabilia online.


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