Seriously Geeky Sundays – Six on a Sunday: Current Loves

Hello friends, we’re back for another thrilling episode, and this week the questions are supplied, as ever, by the radiant Heather from…

Oh! Hang on…

Starting new this year one week a month will just have a theme and no questions. It’s in the spirit of memes that are no longer active and to give us all a relaxing week once a month. The theme can be answered any way you wish and there is no right or wrong answer. If the subject was ‘science fiction movies’ you could discuss your favourites or the upcoming movies you’re looking forward to. As long as there are six of them you’re good!

This week’s theme is current loves!

Question 1 – TV Current Love

So what am I currently enjoying on the TV at the moment, eh?

Well, There’s a few things at the moment, which is rare, as TV is usually not my thing. First off, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Marvel’s latest series follows the adventures of Sam Wilson, aka Mr Goody Two Shoes, and Bucky Barnes, aka broody cyborg man, as they try to get to the bottom of a mystery involving revolutionaries, super serum, and a new Captain America who’s a bit of a berk (played very well by son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, Wyatt Russell). But the real star of the show is Daniel Bruhl’s Baron Zemo, last seen in Captain America: Civil War a few years back. This dad dancing psychopath really steals the show!

The wife and I are also enjoying the new Mighty Ducks series on Disney Plus. I’d never seen any of the movies, so my wife made me marathon them and, whilst the rule of diminishing returns is sure a thing, they were overall very good. The series, I have to say, is better than the second movie, and miles better than the third one. Sure, it’s cheesy in places, but Lauren Graham and a returning Emilio Estevez do make it fun, and the kids are also entertaining. There’s nothing better than sports movies, and I don’t even like sports!

Question 2 – Current Favourite Movie

It’s virtually impossible to choose an all-time favourite movie, but it’s easier to choose a current favourite, which could change at any time.

My current favourite is Blade Runner 2049, 2017’s lauded cyberpunk sequel to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic. 2049 really does have it all for me, visuals, a killer soundtrack, twisting story that actually built on the themes of the first movie instead of just rehashing them, Dave Bautista getting battered at a farm… it’s all there. I’ve recently purchased a 4K TV and really can’t wait to see it on the new screen!

Question 3 – Current Game Favourite

To continue my current cyberpunk kick it’s… not Cyberpunk 2077

Nope, instead I picked up the special edition of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for the Series X, for the agreeable price of £5.99! I loved this one on release, and it’s still just as good now, enhanced by the super quick load times and polish of the Series X and looking gorgeous on my new TV!

Mankind Divided follows the ongoing adventures of augmented Interpol agent, Adam Jensen, as he looks into a chilling conspiracy that threatens to plunge the world into chaos, turning non-augmented people against their robot-parted fellows. It’s got sneaking, puzzling, hacking, upgrading, shooting and, er, going into women’s bathrooms and getting told off for it…

Anyway, play it!

Question 4 – Current Favourite Book

This would be Anna Mocikat’s Behind Blue Eyes, and its sequel, Fallen Angels, which I am currently reading.

So, yeah, it turns out I’m a bit obsessed with cyberpunk this month, and Anna’s books are responsible for this in no small part. The story follows Nephilim, an enhanced cyborg super-soldier, and part of a corps called the Guardian Angels, who defend the city of Olympias I from threats, outside and within. The Angels are taught to be merciless, and do whatever it takes to defend the way of life Olympians enjoy, ie extreme corporate lifestyles and hedonistic pursuits, from the likes of free spirited people who live off the grid, and rival cyborgs from other corporations based in Europe and Asia.

Except all is not what it seems to poor Nephilim, and she soon learns that there’s more to Olympias I than is at first apparent. To say any more would be giving too much away, but if you like sci-fi, thrillers, conspiracies, or any mixture of the three, you’d be very happy with these books.

Question 5 – Current Favourite Music

After getting properly into Mafia III a few weeks back, I just can’t stop listening to Vietnam era rock music, especially the music featured in that game: Fortunate Son, Bad Moon Rising, Paint It Black, Somebody to Love, White Rabbit…

You weren’t there, man…

I’m also revisiting my favourite band of all time at the moment, Nightwish! Gimme that metal cover of Walking in the Air any day!

Question 6 – Current Favourite… alcohol!

Come on, fess up, what do my fellow writers and excellent readers like to drink?

I used to be a craft ale man, but apprently I snore like a chainsaw after beer and my wife has threatened death upon me… so instead, for my own safety, I turned to rum. I’m currently enjoying a bottle of Brewdog’s Five Hundred Cuts, which is a very cool, quirky rum, as is always the way with Brewdog, full of all kinds of different herbs and bits… 500 in fact.

I once went to the town where Brewdog are based, Ellon up near Aberdeen, with my old job. It was very nice and touristy, anyone holidaying in England’s nicer northern neighbour should definitely check it out.

This has been a really fun theme this week, it’s been interesting to come up with own questions, though I have missed Heather’s wisdom and insight! Don’t forget to check out her frankly god tier blog over at Just Geeking By!

As always, make triple, quadruple sure you check out all of the other scribes under the #SeriouslyGeekySundays hashtag, or else there will be trouble, you hear?

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