Good News, and A Brief Nap…

Good day everybody!

Now, I’m not sure if anyone is a regular reader or not of my little slice of the internet’s real estate, but those who are may have noticed that I’ve written a couple of ARC (that’s advanced reader copy, people) reviews for indie publisher, Skullgate Media‘s books, namely Loathsome Voyages and Tales From the Year Between Volume 2: Under New Suns.

Well, I won’t be doing an ARC review for the upcoming third volume, which will set around the theme of multi-dimensional pirates. Why you ask…

Because I have passed the selection process to be a contributing author!

This, my friends, is the dream for me, to actually get a slice of fiction, that I wrote, published! In a book! Alongside other writers who are, dare I say, massively talented! I’m already fanboying, and I’ve not typed a word yet! Alongside TFTYB Volume 3, I have also written a short story for another anthology, spearheaded by the wonderful Chapel Orahamm, though I won’t say too much about that yet, as I don’t want to jump the gun on all the pre-release bits and bobs!

With all of this new writing, however, there must come a price. Between that, my weekly work with the Shart Select boys, and my ongoing support for my old friends at The Well Red Mage (ooh, something mysterious is happening there, look!) something has to give. As a result, my little blog is going to be taking a nap until my Skullgate gig is up, around September time.

Like a big ole bear!

But just because it’s asleep, doesn’t mean it’s dead! I may still drop the odd post here and there, and I’m thinking about giving it a bit of a re-brand too, freshen the old place up a bit, get rid of some of the less interesting pieces, and otherwise dust it all off and apply some Mr Sheen to get it all shiny again!

My support of the excellent Seriously Geeky Sundays writing challenges will continue, I’ll be endeavoring to read everyone’s posts and get them shared on Twitter, and I’m looking forward to joining in with those again on the flip side in September as well, because they’re awesome, and if you run a blog, you should join in with them too!

Anyway, see you all soon! Be good whilst I’m gone, and no fighting!

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  1. You’ll be missed each week for SGS but this is an amazing achievement and I can’t wait to read your work when you become a fully-fledged published author! I’m super proud of you and wish you all the best in your writing endeavours over the next few months ❤

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