My Grandads’ Poetry 10: Life

This is an interesting one. My grandad seems to be talking about his mindset at the time he wrote this poem (and, to be fair, the rest of his life) and how he rationalized things. The last verse is a bit of a teaser for the next piece and takes us back into more of a historical/rural England direction.

Young or old, love is the same

So clean and so bright like eternal flame

Walking along life’s winding road

Bearing your dreams like a wondrous load.

Eyes maybe dim out but the thoughts are clear

Sight may fade yet there is no fear

Visions form in the front of your mind

Of love so pure and thoughts so kind.


As you wander along, alone in the fields

You eyes may see hedges but your mind still reels

About happenings which occurred many years ago

And quiet like a river our thoughts start to flow

You remember your school days,your friends and your play

When the hours weren’t long enough in a day

Youthful fancies dance through the brain

Like the wind in the cornfield waving the grain.


You remember the hard times and miser rings loud

But don’t dwell on this subject, get out of this cloud

And into the sunshine of happiness and love

For together they fit like a hand in its glove.

Most of us are lucky and live a good life

We bring up a family with a sweet hearted wife

So be content with your treasures though they dont always glow

And give all of your gratitude to those who you know.


I have written of Marston and written with pride

And of the canal where the barges do ride,

Not so many now and those coloured blue

Not like the old days with all colours true.

Yet the barges were homes with children, not just a boat

But a full happy family who lived life afloat.

With dignity and pride and red neckerchief neat

With clay pipe, white pinafore and dog at their feet.

These were the Boatees or Bargees by name

And the canal without them will never be the same.

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