Seriously Geeky Sundays -What Makes You Smile?

I enjoyed last week’s stab at Just Geeking By‘s Seriously Geeky Sundays, that I thought I’d do another one! For those haven’t read my submission for Geek pride, please check it out. For the rest of you, today’s question is simple: what makes you smile?

As it’s National Smile Day and all, let’s jump in…

Why smiley face emojis should never be used in work emails ...

Question 1 – What TV Shows Do You Love?

I admit, it takes me a long time to get around to watching the big, hyped up television shows, but here’s a few I’ve enjoyed over the years:

Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes

I remember my dad being massively excited for this one when it aired, it was set in our nearest city, Manchester, and in his favourite decade, the 1970s (back when he was cool, maybe). Life on Mars followed the story of Sam Tyler, a policeman in 2006 who gets hot by a car following a high profile arrest, waking up in the ’70s with the titular Bowie song playing in the background. After much confusion (he’s awful at hiding his confusion), he ends up serving as a copper in this timeline whilst trying to figure out his situation. Is he dead, in a coma, or just insane? This series ran for two seasons.

Ashes to Ashes is the follow up to Life on Mars and continues the story, this time with London detective Alex Drake getting herself shot and waking up in, you guessed it, the 1980s! It isn’t long until she runs into Tyler’s old mates from Life on Mars, who have transferred down to the capital. The series continues in much the same way, with Drake trying to get home to see her daughter whilst also solving all manner of 80s crimes!

Oi, Guv! Gene Hunt's back for a final fling with Life on Mars ...


Whatever one may think of the man himself (not getting into that here!), Firefly was a tremendous series that infamously cancelled by Fox. The series follows the misadventures of the crew of the spaceship Serenity, a gang of smugglers and ne’er-do-wells led by the roguish and bull headed Mal Reynolds (played to perfection by the ever talented Nathan Fillion), as they traverse the galaxy looking for morally dubious jobs and avoiding the Alliance. Things get complicated, however, when they take on Doctor Simon Tam and his sister, River, for both are extremely wanted by the Alliance and River hides a dark secret.

Firefly: 10 Years Later | Den of Geek

Stranger Things

Man, I loved this three series run so much! It’s the perfect combination of Stephen King and The Goonies. The story follows escaped laboratory subject Eleven, a young girl with telekinetic powers, who befriends a group of nerdy kids. When people start going missing, including one of the gang, it becomes apparent that something else followed Eleven out of the lab. Working with the local sheriff and the missing boy’s mother, the gang must team up against the chilling “Demagorgon”.

Netflix Shuts Down Film & Scripted TV Production Amid Coronavirus ...

Question 2 – What Are Your Favourite Movie Genres?

I could wax lyrical about movies for about ten years if you let me, so I’ll approach this question in a slightly different way. The truth is, I love all kinds of movies: sci-fi and fantasy, war movies, action, comedies, the lot. I’ve even watched a good few musicals and “chick flicks” with the wife and enjoyed most of those too!

But my very favourite genre, which is guaranteed to make me smile (as per the subject of today’s piece) is the 80s/90s action movie, especially if it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jean Claude Van Damme. Give me Predator, Commando, Timecop or Hard Target any day, the pure entertainment factor is enough to bring to joy to my flinty, cold heart!

Van Damme's 'Hard Target' is Basically 'The Hunt' with High Kicks ...
What a dude!

I also love the MCU movies too,which is odd because I could never get into comics at all!

Question 3 – What Do You Like to Read?

I’ve been a serious reader since I was about 7 (when I moved school and lied to my teacher, telling him I’d already completed the state-mandated Oxford Reading Tree books so I could read Fantastic Mr Fox instead). Over the years I’ve read all manner of things, though my main focus is usually sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction and I have no interest in non fiction, generally speaking.

Strength of Strings – Soul Music | Pratchett Job

Standout favourites would be the Discworld series, Sharpe, and the Night Watch books, as well as many more! I’m currently reading Each Little Universe by Chris Durston, and you can expect a review of this soon!

My favourite book of all time would be either Truckers or Only You Can Save Mankind, both by Terry Pratchett and both awesome!

Question 4 – What About Games?

Hoo boy, don’t get me going!

I have always said that I’m a fan of single player, story driven experiences that are big on immersion and small on industry nonsense, and that feeling has only intensified as the years have gone on.

I started out, like many kids in the UK of the early 90’s, playing games such as Sonic, Streets of Rage and Desert Strike on the Sega Mega Drive, before my dad bought a PlayStation in 1996 and from there the world of video games just exploded for me. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Oddworld and a ton of other 32 bit games enhanced the visual, audio and storytelling ability of the medium and set an amazing benchmark to build upon.

Final Fantasy 7 (PSX) - Boss#01 - Guard Scorpion - YouTube
No remake necessary…

Nowadays, games like Metro 2033, the newer Wolfenstein games (minus Youngbloods, don’t like the look of that one) and the recent Resident Evil remakes are just what I need to escape reality to kick some bottom in another world.

Question 5 – What Geeky Thing Made You Smile This Week?

Watching my wife’s favourite film with her, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She introduced to it back when we met in 2012 and, oh my word, it’s just as bizarre and campy now as it was on first viewing. Watching Tim Curry skipping around in massive heels, Meatloaf riding about on a motorbike or, of course, the famous Time Warp never gets old, and it’s extra fun when you know all the words to the songs!

Why The Rocky Horror Picture Show Still Matters 40 Years Later
He’s just a sweet transvestite!

Question 6 – What Quote Always Makes You Smile?

Oh man, I don’t have a clue! So, instead of trying to find a good one, here are a few classic one liners from Arnie movies that are guaranteed to make me laugh like the giant 14 year old I am:

Stick around! (as he impales a man to  a wall with a thrown knife)

You’re fired! (as he launches a missile from the Harrier Jump Jet he’s flying, with the villain stuck to the warhead!)

Knock Knock! (as he kicks open a door and grenades the baddies within!)

You’re luggage! (as he kills an alligator)

I come mean come on, this stuff writes itself!

And that’s your lot! Thank you for the read and see you all next time!


8 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays -What Makes You Smile?

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  1. 80s/90s action movies! *swoon* I grew up on these courtesy of my dad. He didn’t care that I was a girl, I realised many years later, and I was thoroughly educated in all the action movie greats way before I was 15 and could legally watch them 😀 Arnie is one of my personal faves and I love that he’s also such an amazing and inspiring guy IRL. True Lies and Erazer are two of my favourites of his!


  2. You missed one of the best Arnie lines!

    From Commando, just after he’s impaled the bad guy with a hollow pipe, sticking him to a big steam engine or something or other so that the steam all comes out the pipe that’s sticking out of him… and he goes ‘Let off some steeeeaaam.’

    This in front of his preteen daughter, WHO THE BAD GUY KIDNAPPED and traumatised horribly!

    I love Commando.

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