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Hello everyone, hello!

Welcome, once again, to my blog, where it is Seriously Geeky Sundays time once again, supplied by air drop to the masses by Heather, of the good ship Just Geeking By! Let’s look at today’s theme, shall we, eh?

There are several book-related events this month including World Book Day at the start of the month and then the Tolkien Reading Day later this week on the 25th of March. We talked about stories and storytelling back in September, however, we’ve not talked about books and reading habits. That changes this week!

Question 1 – Do you read a lot?

I do, though admittedly not as much as I used to, being a grown up saps your time something rotten, folks!

As a kid I was an avid reader, which I owe to a lie I told my year 4 teacher when I had to move to a new primary school at eight years old. I don’t know about you readers internationally, but here on Misery Island aka the United Kingdom, we have to start our reading journey with the Oxford Reading Tree (or at least did back in the olden days), a series of frankly dull-as-dishwater stories about a family, a dog and, for some reason, a magic key. Oh my word, they were awful!

So boring!

So, when I moved school, I told my new teacher that I’d already completed the course, which I had, in fact, not done. Ha ha ha, in your face national curriculum (circa 1992). So whilst all the other awful little brats readabout Biff, Chip and Kipper, yours truly was enjoying Fantastic Mr Fox, The Queen’s Nose and all that good stuff!

I do still read plenty, but now only 4 or 5 nights a week instead of every night!

Oh, and The Demon Headmaster too!

Question 2 – What is your most read book?

It’s between three, and I can’t work out which is the winner… so I’ll list all three!

First is Hogfather, by the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett. Essentially the offbeat fantasy universe of Discworld’s version of Christmas, this national holiday is endangered by the machinations of a sociopathic assassin and his gang, as they set out to slay the titular character. Death, yes that Death is forced to take the Hogfather’s place, whilst his granddaughter Susan Sto Helit gets the dirtiest task of all, to track down the bad guys and save the day! I read this every Christmas for many years.

Secondly, Only You Can Save Mqnkind, by the same author. I mentioned this one a few posts ago, but this was th first Pratchett book I read and, even though a lot of the references went over my head (it was my era, I was just too young to get it) I fell in love with this tale of a video game turned real, and one boy’s quest to save a misunderstood alien species. I loved it when I was nine and still love it at thirty six!

Thirdly, another book I never shut up about, Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. The tagline of this book, “J.K R*****g, Russian Style” is frankly a load of old cobblers. You’ll find no Dumbledores or wingardium LeviosAAAAH here, Night Watch is a much gritter, nastier tale of magic and secret worlds set on the mean streets of Moscow, full of betrayal, philosophizing and really grim Russian humour. Oh, and Sergei isn’t a nasty ole bigot like R*****g, far as I know!

So there you go, my most enjoyed trio of books!

Question 3 – What was the last book you read?

Well, funnily enough, I wrote a review for this sci-fi anthology a few days back, it’s Under New Suns, from the excellent team of writers over at Skullgate Media, edited by the ever lovely Chris Vandyke. If you want to read some deep, conceptual science fiction, set aboard a sentient spaceship and with an amazing cast of characters, I really recommend this book!

I’m currently reading Behind Blue Eyes, by Sarah Mocikat, which I have to say is a really well concieved cyberpunk tale about a badass cyborg… I recommend this one too!

Question 4 – Do you prefer a book series or stand-alone books?

Honestly, I’m not really bothered either way. As long as the story has a decent beginning and end, I’m happy. Strangely enough, whilst TV series oh-so-often run out of steam, I’ve never experienced this with books…

Question 5 – Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction all the way for me. I rarely can get into non-fiction for some reason! I’d rather spend my evening lost in some fictional world than read about things in the one I currently live in. But, saying that, I appreciate that there’s loads of fantastic biographies, reference books and what-not out there.

It’s all about personal taste!

Question 6 – Do you read the book before watching the adaptation?

This is a kind of tough one to answer…

If I see they’re making a movie of a book I love, my excitement/dread is off the charts! Will they do it proud, or do a Night Watch and make some rubbish that was nothing like the version on my bookshelf?

If a movie intrigues me that already has a book out… I probably won’t bother with the book, I’ll just enjoy the movie on it’s own merit. Unless I really enjoy iy, then I’ll probably stump up for the book, or ebook, because my bookshelf can’t fit any more books on it!

Well, I didn’t half power through this one, turns out I really enjoy talking about books! As always, you should read some excellent stuff by following the #SeriouslyGeekySundays hashtag, all of my fellow SGS squad are there and write epic pieces that deserve the caress of your eyeballs!

See you all next time!

5 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays – Bookworms

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  1. I’m the same with 6. If they’re making a movie of a book that was awesome, yay! If they’re making a movie of a book, I’ve never heard of that sounds awesome, also yay! I’ll watch it or read it, whatever comes first!

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  2. I tend to be the same with your answer for No 6 as well. The last book I read after seeing the movie adaptation was The Martain. I enjoy the film, but I really enjoyed the book a lot more. It was so well written and I was surprised how funny is was as well!.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m yet to experience that one, though Ridley Scott does have a good pedigree, having directed 3 of my favourite movies. Most of the time I don’t suppose it matters, though I’m glad I read Dune before seeing that insane 80s adaptation, the movie would have put me off the book otherwise!

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