Seriously Geeky Sundays – Happy First Birthday SGS!

Wow, has it been a year already!?

It really has! This time a year ago the big bad known as Covid19 came along, causing boatloads up upheaval to lives everywhere. As a result, I had a total inspiration fail, and was about ready to drop the shutters on my poor blog.

But, lo and behold, Seriously Geeky Sundays came along – a weekly collection of six excellent questions surrounding the world of geekdom… and the blog was saved!

So many thanks to Heather, the Field Marshal of questions and overseer over at Just Geeking By, for keeping up the barrage of excellent work!

Anyway… happy birthday!!!

One year ago Seriously Geeky Sundays was launched and this week we’re celebrating our first birthday by looking back over the last year of prompts.

Question 1 – What was your favourite theme?

There have been so many fantastic themes, so naturally it’s really bloomin’ hard to choose the best of the best! Particular ones I enjoyed were the Around the World in 8 Sundays pieces, which allowed me to explore some great international flavours, the recent one about our first encounters with the internet (in which I got to show my age… floppy disks indeed) and the theme about representation and diversity, which was an eye-opener and really interesting to research.

Overall, it’s been a great journey, writing these articles, thank goodness Heather isn’t making me choose a least… oh.

Question 2 –What theme did you like the least?

Damn it!

There certainly weren’t any bad themes, each one has been great fun to write, I don’t regret a single second!

There have been, however, a few I’ve struggled with, experience-wise. Themes such as cosplay, for instance, were a real challenge for me, I haven’t the foggiest about that world, thank goodness I have a few cosplayer mutuals on Twitter who were able to assist me with it.

…it’s all about learning about other culttures, hobbies and people, afterall!

Question 3 – What question made you think the most?

All of the questions around the diversity and representation theme from a few weeks ago were really interesting, and had my brain working overtime!

I’ve not always been very open minded, or aware of the lives and struggles of marginalized people, but it’s something I have got better at over the years. I admit, it was rather tough putting my thoughts into words for that one, but it was well worth the effort doing so, as it helped me to organise my own thoughts on this oft-sensitive subject.

Some of the questions about actors from other countries really got me thinking too, my mind went completely blank when trying to think of my favourite Canadian movies, or Australian actors!

Question 4 – Which theme reminded you of something you’d forgotten?

I forget which one it was now, definitely one of the early ones…

It seemed that Heather and myself had come up with the same answers to most of the questions, including one about Captain freakin’ Planet! I hadn’t given much thought to the blue, bemulleted superhero since I was a kid, so it was great to remember the earth’s greatest hero once more (he reduces pollution down to zero guys… zero)!

It’s always fun answering one of these questions and, whilst doing so, remembering some classic bit of nerd culture from the golden era of the 80’s and ’90s!

Question 5 – What do you enjoy most about Seriously Geeky Sundays?

Okay, so writing these is grand fun and all, but do you know what joining a community like this is really all about? Do you!?

It’s the community itself, of course! Since I started out on this Sunday writing based journey, I have made a ton of new friends, we red each other’s pieces, have engaging conversations in the comments section about what has been written, and, best of all, these folk are more than happy to help each other out if we get stuck or run out of inspiration… it’s brilliant, and I highly recommend any writers still on the fence to get the heck off it and join in!


Question 6 – What themes or subjects would you like to see come up this year?

Whilst I largely trust Heather to generate amazing content, and who wouldn’t, I would love to see more themes set around international culture, diversity etc. Some of those questions really got me thinking, and opened my eyes to all kinds of things which I didn’t really know about before. What’s more fun than writing? Writing and learning at the same time!

And maybe some posts about historical stuff, I don’t know… the pirate one was fun!

And boom, that’s your lot! I’d love to hear from my fellow SGS writers about their thoughts on there questions, and the lovely folk that read them regularly too… which ones have been your favourites of mine?

As ever, get the other writers under the #SeriouslyGeekySundays hashtag followed, for they write like champions!

Laters, everyone!

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  1. Wow! Happy belated birthday to SGS! This has been a great series and many good discussions were had. I know our first interaction was a bit awkward with the Animation post, but we had a lot of thoughtful conversations in so many of these posts which has been awesome. That and being ancestral buddies was petty cool. Hahaha!


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