Twitter Writing Prompts: January 2022 – Week 1

Hello friends!

If you cast your minds back to the beginning of the pandemic, I joined in with a fantastic challenge from Just Geeking By (an excellent website you should definitely visit, by the way!) called Seriously Geeky Sundays, which asked questions based on all things geekdom.

Well, Seriously Geeky Sundays wrapped up last year and my little blog had the lights turned off as I took on some very cool writing opportunities. Well, now we’re back with some Sunday action, as we take a look the world of Twitter writing prompts. There’s a lot of them out there, so I’ll be focusing on just two: #vss365 and #storyin12. Both are a one-word daily prompt, which is fun! Oh, and Sundays will be a day off, so I can get the weekly list posted!

Finally, if you are taking part too then let me know, on here or Twitter, and I’ll give you a retweet!


03/01 – Solar

He looked quizzically at the beast, then back to me, the wind atop the mountain blowing his coat around him. “You’re insane,” he said, “you can’t reach heaven on a manta ray, how did it even get up here?” I can only laugh at the naivete. “It’s a solar ray, you fool!”

04/01 – Tranquil

The professor stood alone in the observation cube, watching the Kraken swim around it, filling the glass of every transparent wall, floor and ceiling. Her students had all run for the sub the moment it opened its giant eye. But it was no threat. It was tranquil.

05/01 – Curly

As the almighty sea beast ripped the observation pod from its moorings, pulling the professor down into the Inky depths, she did not worry, admiring it instead. Its glowing eye, the rubbery look of its skin, its curly tentacles wrapped around the glass.

06/01 – Memories

When the professor looked through the cracked glass of the pod, and into the Kraken’s eye, she was assaulted with hallucinations: sail ships ripped apart by long tentacles from the deep, chasing whales through the Inky depths… No, not hallucinations… memories..

07/01 – House

The giant Kraken pulled the pod further into the inky depths of the ocean, ever closer toward its otherworldly house. The professor continued to see its’ memories all the while, images of a huge city in ruins deep beneath the waves. Was this where it was taking her?

08/01 – Perspicacity

Anybody else would have panicked, but the professor had always been famed for her perspicacity. She took the time to examine what parts of the eerie underwater ruins she could see, past the gloom and the Kraken’s huge tentacles. She saw the statues of long-dead kings.


03/01 – Crest

I take a deep breath, crest the giant wave, jump the shark!

04/01 – Dribble

The Kraken cracked the glass, it let in a dribble of water!

05/01 – Elevate

Killbot 9000 chose to elevate itself in society with less murder sprees.

06/01 – January

In January we lead the maidens to the alter, the gods expect.

07/01 – Frog

Frank was no ordinary frog, he was their anointed and holy king.

08/01 – Gravity

Windows rush by, the floor rises to meet me… I hate gravity!

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