Twitter Writing Prompts: January 2022 – Week 2

Hurray, another week’s collection of writing prompt stories from the #vss365 and #storyin12 hashtags! I decided to carry on the overarching tale of the Professor and the Kraken in vss365, while using storyin12 to be a little more random. A little chapter was also added by @peterlinton1 on Twitter, who is very cool and should definitely be checked out!


10/01 – Amorous

The statues of the underwater city were surprisingly erotic to the Professor, many of Grecian figures entwined in amorous activity. Many more were missing heads, arms and legs, some crumbled entirely. Was this one great place the Kraken’s nest?

11/01 – Infatuation

Whoever had designed this underwater ruin of a city, back when it was whole and beautiful, clearly had an infatuation with the human form. But as the Kraken dragged the pod closer the professor could also see frescoes of sea beasts… Sharks, octopi, the beast itself.

12/01 – Glimmer

The professors’ eye was drawn from the seaweed-covered frescoes by a sudden Glimmer of light, emanating from further into the inky depths. As the Kraken drew the pod closer it began to take form: an ancient lighthouse, an eerie light cast from its top…

Additional Part by Patience (@PeterLinton) via quote tweet…

With that, he saw the way out. The light grew brighter, clearer with the Kraken’s approach. The pod, now lifted high. Quickly, he grabbed the loaded harpoon launch and ran towards the hatch. His tripped over his feet, but knew this was his one chance for freedom, rather than a…

13/01 – Comics

As the strange underwater lighthouse grew closer the professor stopped their panic, harpoon gun falling to the floor at their feet. What was in there? Was it Aquaman from the comics they used to love? Some kind of God? Nothing at all? Whatever it was, they had to know.

14/01 – Watermelon

The Kraken swam close to the lighthouse, and the professor could only marvel at the great gem atop it, big as a car and looking like a glistening watermelon. The light emanated from it somehow, and bathed them in a peaceful green hue.
“Impressive, no?” Asked the beast.

15/01 – Serenade

“Wait,” the professor said, “you can talk?”

“Yes, I can indeed,” the Kraken replied, its rich voice echoing around her mind, “I can even serenade you if you like, so long as the light from the great gemstone can reach me”

The professor was amazed, what was this place?


10/01 – Sushi

I would have enjoyed the sushi if the ghost samurai buggered off.

11/01 – Heathen

“I get it, I’m a heathen, you’re an infidel… Let’s be friends!”

12/01 – Stun

It’s not really a fair match if you stun gun your opponent…

13/01 – Central

The capital was central to the region, and had to burn first.

14/01 – Hurt

“ouch, that hurt!” I cried, as the demon took my cursed soul.

15/01 – Read

Who doesn’t like to read spellbooks, summon the ghosts of our ancestors?

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