Twitter Writing Prompts: January 2022 – Week 3

Here we are again! It’s this weeks’ Twitter prompt flash fiction entries for vss365 and storyin12! We continue the story of the Kraken and the underwater city, and explore some random madness on the side… hope you enjoy and why not submit some yourself? Let me know if you do and I’ll spread the word.


17/01 – Leap

A sudden boom, a physical force under the waves, emanated from the lighthouse, making the professor leap in surprise. The gemstone’s emerald glow had intensified, lighting up the ruined buildings all around.
“It is coming,” the Kraken said reverentially, “the king.”

18/01 – Daisy

The professor was frightened at the thought of the king’s approach, so soon after the strange underwater blast, and needed a distraction. “My name’s Daisy,” she said, “what’s yours?” The Kraken rolled a massive eye to face her, “my name is Eternal” it said.

19/01 – Siren

Eternal’s great eye radiated calm, and soon Daisy found herself able to breathe once more. The murky water around them was suddenly filled with a cloud of creatures, grey-skinned women with the tails of fish shot all around them. “Mermaids!” She exclaimed. “No, Sirens.”

20/01 – Arcade

The swarm of beautiful sirens wound between the ruined buildings and down the central arcade like fish, filling Daisy with wonder. Still, she feared the imminent arrival of their “king” on a primal level, even if Eternal seemed friendly, would they protect her?

21/01 – Liar

Daisy watched through the pod’s glass as the gemstone at the lighthouse’s top summoned a swirling portal, the sirens swarming all around it in wonderful patterns.
“The King is here,” said Eternal, “take care, if there’s one thing he cannot stand it’s a liar”

22/01 –

Eternal, the great Kraken, seemed to bow in reverence as a giant, golden carapaced crab emerged from the lighthouse. The emerald light hit it’s shell at all angles, causing green beams to rain all around it. Daisy could only watch in amazement.


17/01 – Hook

I see the cheese, I must taste, I never see the hook…

18/01 – Finished

“Finished?” I asked the dragon. Somewhat embarrassed it sulked in a corner.

19/01 – Strict

There’s one strict rule out here: keep the spacesuit on at all times. (Okay, one word over, but who’s counting?)

20/01 – Recording

I listen to the faded recording again, through the pain I smile.

21/01 – Glimpse

What did I glimpse through the trees? Bigfoot, partying with the chupacabra…

22/01 – Up

up the escalator, down the escalator, still can’t shake the station ghost!

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