Twitter Writing Prompts: January – Week 4

It’s the end of January, well-done everyone we made it through the 2022 opener and it’s all to play for… hopefully! I’ll keep working on my Twitter flash fiction prompts, the vss365 ones are actually becoming a pretty intriguing tale now, a big crab has shown up! #storyin12 remains as random as ever, but that’s part of the fun, right?

24/01 – Fall

Daisy’s heart was pounding as Eternal moved her observation pod toward the great golden crab atop the lighthouse.

“Please, don’t eat me!” She shrieked as the giant beast peered in at her.

“Many a king did fall, who mistreated strange visitors” it rasped back.

25/01 – Duet

Daisy was amazed, the golden crab could talk as well?

“Wow, it’s just like Moana!” She breathed, hand pressed to the pod’s glass. The crab shifted at that, a beady eye the size of a gym ball fixed upon her.

“I suppose it is,” it cackled, “but don’t expect us to duet!”

26/01 – Mountain

Daisy couldn’t help but laugh at the golden crab’s pop culture reference, but still had it in her mind that she was in an undersea ruin with talking giant animals.”I hate to make a mountain out of a molehill here, but this all seems a bit… Like a dream? Is it?”

27/01 – Cherry

“Now,” rumbled the crab king, “let’s get you out of that glass box,” Before Daisy could protest a red mist surrounded her, smelling of cherries, that made her lungs tingle strangely. A massive golden claw tore through the pod and a wall of water smashed her off her feet

28/01 – Beacon

Daisy fell down to the sea bed, landing in the middle of the long, abandoned promenade. To her infinite surprise, she was still breathing oxygen, despite being underwater! Eternal and the King stared down the crab atop the great beacon.

“Glad that worked!” It cackled.

29/01 – Hills

Daisy stood in amazement, how was she breathing underwater? As the remains of the observation pod crashed down around her, she stared up at the Kraken and the Crab King. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t run for the hills?” She implored her voice as if in the open air.

24/01 – Street

The street went on forever. Literally, through time and space, clean though.

25/01 – Spirit

Is there anything more lost than a spirit looking for its body?

26/01 – Ash

ash falls, the wounded moan, the tank engines cool, war is hell.

27/01 – Mini

Time travelling Deloreans? Impractical. Time travelling Mini, however, I’m all over it!

28/01 – Cat

The best thing about being a cat is nobody knows your plans.

29/01 – Menu

I boil to death… “now who’s on the menu?” Sneered the lobster.

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