Twitter Writing Prompts: February – Week 1

We made it through January, nice work everyone! I’m still doing the flash fiction thing, and it’s still a lot of fun, so hopefully, you enjoy the output! The underwater adventure takes a rather fun turn and the 12-word stories roll ever onward…

31/01 – Starlight

Marvelling at her ability to breathe underwater, Daisy stepped closer to the king, its shell shining like starlight.

“Why am I down here? And how am I breathing air?”

Eternal’s great eye swivelled to face her. “Magic, and we’ve not had a guest in a long, long time”

01/02 – Revel

“We are very excited to have a surface creature here,” said the Kraken, “I believe the revel will soon begin in your honour!”

“A revel? Like a party?” Daisy asked.

“Indeed, we just need to pass you through the veil first! This may tickle” added the crab king.

02/02 – Godforsaken

Daisy wondered how the creatures of the deep intended on having a party in the godforsaken ruins in which she stood. A pair of sirens swam down to greet her, their shimmering skin catching the emerald light.

“Hold in tight sugar, we’re off to have some fun!” Smiled one.

03/02 – Lovelorn

The murky ocean deep seemed to shimmer all around Daisy and, in front of her eyes, the underwater ruins transformed into a beautiful cityscape, teeming with sirens, giant sea creatures and other odd creatures. Unlike the lovelorn ruins, this city vibrated with life.

04/02 – Weary

Daisy was weary from her unusual adventure thus far, but couldn’t resist the excited beckoning from a group of sea folk queueing outside what appeared to be some kind of club. “Come on, air breather, it’s party time!” Shrieked a siren, thrusting a bottle into her hand.

05/02 – Sweaty

Daisy entered the club, escorted by the excited sirens, to see the most wonderful sight. Pulsing colours, classical architecture and gyrating creatures, dancing to the most hypnotizing music. It was like the clubs back home, except less sweaty and desperate.

31/01 – Door

Open the door, roll on the floor, get eaten by a dinosaur.

01/02 – Nervous

The pilot looked nervous, had he never looped a luxury airliner before?

02/02 – Current

The current flows through her, my poor deceased pet is back ALIIIIIVE!

03/02 – Kit

Immense weapons and still the enemy lost! All the kit, still shit!

04/02 – Venus

Stranded beyond venus, no more air, we all await the end together.

05/02 – Ask

Was it too much to ask for another ship to find us?

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