Twitter Writing Prompts: March – Week 1

Well the world is really shit at the moment, isn’t it? Wish I could escape to the underwater city instead! And, needless to say, I stand with Ukraine!

28/02 – Bullying

The Kraken looked a little awkward (somehow) as it gently carried Daisy back to the crab king, the city lit up beneath her. “Those sirens were a horrible, bullying pair,” the great beast said, “but please don’t judge us all by their… Poor example!”

01/03 – Exude

As scary as this bizarre underwater city was, the Kraken Eternal seemed to exude kindness, its massive, powerful body incredibly gentle with her as it carried her along. “Perhaps that’s enough nightlife,” it said, “let’s take you to see the real reason you’re here!”

02/03 – Extrude

The great cephalopod drifted past the centre of the city, the great lighthouse extruding from it, golden party crab atop it waving its claws around. “Where are we going?” asked Daisy from in the beast’s tentacle. “Further into our world, to meet the seer herself.”

03/03 – Excommunicated

“Funny thing about the big crab,” the Kraken muttered into Daisy’s brain as they swam high over the city, “he used to be the Holy Pope of the Crustaceans but was excommunicated after a rather unfortunate incident at a diplomatic event. Luckily he prefers partying…”

04/03 – Expatriate

“in fact, the King of Revels is pretty much an expatriate here, the Crustacean Kingdom is right across the trench over there,” the Kraken chatted as it started to swim down into a particularly murky looking canyon. Daisy listened with a smile. She wasn’t scared anymore.

05/03 – Exhume

Daisy couldn’t help but ruminate on how, even down here in this undersea world, people were happy to exhume each other’s pasts for conversation. Still, the Kraken Eternal seemed like a good creature overall. In the trench below them, down in the shadows, lights twinkled.

28/02 – Front

News from the Eastern front was dour, all units routed, homes destroyed.

01/03 – Contempt

The human thinks itself king here. I have only contempt for it.

02/03 – Host

It’s hard to be somebody else, but I can control my host.

03/03 – Paragraph

It’s hard to write a paragraph in only 12 words! Go me!

04/03 – Stitch

Head held on by a stitch, the monster continued to disco dance…

05/03 – Competition

Gretel had never won a competition before, a lifetime supply of peanuts!

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