Twitter Writing Prompts: March – Week 2

07/03 – Exacting

The shining lights, down at the bottom of the great oceanic trench, turned out to be another town full of underwater folk, this one built up around a massive shipwreck, the Exacting Fury, according to its name. Daisy was exhilarated as the Kraken glided down toward it.

08/03 – Exist

How did these undersea people exist, Daisy wondered? How did they mask themselves with a magical veil? What did they eat? How had they made the bottom of the ocean as light and breathable as air for her? The scientist had many questions, it was time to get some answers.

09/03 – Exit

All of Daisy’s questions would have to wait, as the Kraken had reached the outskirts of the settlement built around a ship. “Here we are, the Exacting Fury. The oracle awaits you in the shipwreck, go say hi. And worry not the exit is well signed, it’s perfectly safe.”

10/03 – Expert

Daisy was lowered onto the seabed by the Kraken, its great tentacle withdrawing into the murk above. “Head inside, surface one. Don’t keep her waiting,” it said gently. At the entrance were two burly crustacean guards. Daisy was no expert, but they looked unfriendly.

11/03 – Examination

An examination of the Oracle’s guards revealed something interesting… They were wearing little pride pins shaped like shells! “Hello,” Daisy smiled, “I didn’t think that you guys knew about things like Pride!” “Know it? We invented it!” One of them laughed in reply!

12/03 – Exurb

Daisy was amazed, if a little sceptical, by the guard’s claim. Surely if these undersea folk had invented the concept of Pride, the surface world would never have heard of it? She asked them as much.

“We definitely invented it! The city’s exurb is one whole gay district”

07/03 – Applied

I applied bandages to the burn, that dragon would pay for that!

08/03 – Career

She had the career, the house, the car, possession by a demon…

09/03 – Seperation

All the pain, the loss, but it’s the separation that hurts most…

10/03 – Chip

The foul creature ate the entire chippy, leaving just a single chip…

11/03 – Separation

The separation of body and soul can result in some crazy things!

12/03 – Producer

He was producer of stories, weaver of epics, biggest fraud on earth.

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