Seriously Geeky Sundays – Romance Is In the Air

Oh, man, it’s a tough one this week, we’re going to be talking about romance! Lovey, dovey romance! It isn’t a thing I think about too often (in the world of geekdom, obviously I’m super romantic in real life, I mean come on) so it’ll be very interesting. As always, this challenge is brought to us by Heather over at Just Geeking By, as part of her awesome Seriously Geeky Sundays! Let’s get the official brief shall we:

July 6th is International Kissing Day so today we’re diving into the world romance this week.

Question 1 – Who Is Your Favourite Couple?

For this one I have decided to go with one of my all time favourite characters (who I totally forgot about in the Fathers Day tag), Geralt “The Witcher” of Rivia, and his mighty partner, Yennefer of Vengerburg.


Yeah, Geralt might well be a genetically modified monster slayer, with a gravelly voice, cat eyes and a wickedly dark sense of humour, but what would be be without the sorceress Yennefer? Yen is a powerful magic user, fascinatingly aloof and dresses perfectly at all times, as well as famously smelling of gooseberry and lavender.

The dup first crossed paths when Geralt saved Yen from a powerful djinn by stealing the 3rd and final wish from her before it overwhelmed and destroyed her. Since then the two have been part of each other’s lives, despite adventures, conspiracies and even Geralt’s amnesia getting in the way, as well as sultry temptress Triss Merigold making the most of the Witcher’s lack of memory.

If you play your cards right in The Witcher 3‘s expansion, Blood and Wine, then you can even retire to a fine vineyard with Yennefer once the story is resolved, truly the best ending ever! Even Geralt’s horse Roach gets a nice stable to retire in!

Oh, Roach!

Question 2 – What Is Your Favourite Romantic Scene

There really is only one contender for this: the love scene in Final Fantasy X!

When guy-from-an-alternate-world and professional Meg Ryan lookalike Tidus joins the bodyguards of summoner Yuna whilst she goes on her sacred pilgrimage, it’s only a matter of time until the sparks of love fly.

When the team lays up in beautiful Macalania Woods, things finally come to a head and this totally romantic scene goes down between them, in glorious graphics for the era of the PlayStation 2.

Tidus and Yuna’s love go on to change the traditions and society of Spira, as well as save millions of lives, so it was definitely worth them copping off in the woods!

Question 3 – What is the perfect fictional place for a romantic date?

Sticking to our current theme of Final Fantasy, I reckon a romantic trip to Lindblum’s theater district (pre-Atomos attack) would be fantastic! It’s got the views, the atmosphere and plenty of shows to go and see (you might even see someone in a giant moogle suit cannoning around). If you’re lucky you could also meet the legendary troupe, Tantalus, though keeping your wallet close would be advised if you do.

Cool place, huh?

Also, do not go during the Festival of the Hunt, the local government are negligible and will knowingly unleash wild animals into the streets without any warning. Idiots.

Question 4 –  Some Romantic Scenes Are Adorable, And Then Some Are Just Plain Awkward. What’s The Most Awkward Scene You Can Recall?

Next, dear friends, we are off to outer space, to catch up with the brave crew of the Normandy from the Mass Effect games. During Commander Shepard’s tenure as saviour of the galaxy, she met many exotic and amazing allies, such as chief calibrator Garrus, the singing scientist Salarian Mordin and, uh, Kaiden, I suppose.

But who did my potato faced, heart of gold Shep fall for, you ask? Why, it was Quarian engineer Tali, everyone’s favourite be-masked hacker and tech expert. So, after 3 games of building it up, when that sexy captain’s cabin scene finally happened…

They just kinda dry humped, fully clothed for a bit. How passionate.

Never mind Tali, Shep’s still a keeper…

Additionally, I seem to remember watching Ryan from the Shart Select podcast play it years ago, his saucy scene was in a shower… whilst still fully clothed in full officer’s  garb. And to think the usual media outlets got their panties in a bunch over it!

Question 5 – What Is Your Favourite Wedding Scene

True fact, it’s my wedding anniversary on July 6th or, as I call it at time of writing, Monday, so this question is a pretty cool one for me to answer, isn’t it?

Truth be told, it’s really tough to think of a good wedding scene, though there is a fake one that looked like a really good night out, when hapless Mal Reynolds “married” a naive backwater girl called Saffron in Firefly. I mean, whether the marriage lasted or not, that big roaring fire, folksy music and copious amounts of space alcohol made it look like a night to remember!

Boo! Hiss!

Question 6 – Pick a Fandom and Play Kiss/Marry/Avoid

You’re kidding, right? No?

Oh, okay then, if I must. Let’s do it in that franchise most full of beautiful, beautiful people, the Witcherverse!

Kiss – I’d give Yennefer a kiss, because she is a very pretty lady who smells nice. She’s also hot tempered and can kill me with lightning, so don’t know how long I’d last in a marriage!

TV Yen is also pretty/scary!

Marry – The lovely Cirilla (circa Witcher 3!) She’s a fearsome warrior, can manipulate time and space and my father in law would be bloody Geralt of Rivia! Also, she’s a princess, so we’d hopefully have loads of gold too (assuming we could nick it back from  the Nilfgaardian Empire, that is!)



Avoid – I’d have to avoid Triss Merigold, Yen’s fellow sorceress. You know why? Because she lied to Geralt when he had amnesia so she could get with him! What a scrote!


And there we have it, another Seriously Geeky Sundays successfully completed!I thought that this week would be hard but, you know what, it was pretty straightforward once I got into it! What will I be up to next time? Join me and find out!

5 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays – Romance Is In the Air

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  1. Lindblum’s Theatre District is a fantastic choice. I love the towns in FF IX, I actually considered having Treno as my choice for this as it is really beautiful, but then I remembered it has this seedy side that put me off!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d avoid Yen.. if you are hot she might not settle for a kiss! Also I do not respond well to her dominant pressence I’d think.
    The weirdest Roach glitch I ever saw was Roach completely and almost to the milimeter clipped into another horse. I could not find him.. and on the spot where he was there was another horse. He had just phased right trough it and woar it like a suit.


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