Twitter Word Prompts: February – Week Three

It’s February week three and I have finally shaken Coronavirus! To celebrate I made my undersea story… somewhat darker in theme this week but balanced it out with some silly 12-word stories. Hope you enjoy them!

15/02 – Sorority

“you really sent that jock packing!” Cackled a siren as the merman swam dejectedly away. Daisy felt good, nobody treated her like a sorority girl.

“Well I’ve had a good time, ladies, but I really must return home to my bed!”

“Actually… We have a place ready for you!”

16/02 – Bare

Daisy shuffled out from the club, noting that the central arcade was starting to quieten down, coloured lanterns being winked out. The sirens led her down the road, all bare flesh and bright red eyes, fanged smiles on their welcoming faces.

“Almost there!” Smiled one.

17/02 – Bottom

Where, at the bottom of the sea, in this mysterious city, did these mysterious creatures hope to find Daisy a place to stay? She continued to wonder this as she followed their lithe forms down ever tighter and darker streets, enigmatic eyes glowing from the shadows…

18/02 – Strip

Daisy was beginning to feel nervous, this far from the main strip the underwater city felt downright seedy. She sensed more and more figures gathering in the dark and the sirens kept stealing hungry expressions in her direction. “I… Think I want to go home” she tried.

19/02 – Naked

The sirens whipped around to meet Daisy with their cold eyes, their naked, lethal-looking bodies looking poised to attack. “Why would you ever want to go home?” One asked. “There are so many wonderful things we’d like to show you,” grinned the other, “and to do to you”

15/02 – Bolt

I cradle the rifle, slide back the bolt, good night herr general…

16/02 – Sacred

They say nothing is sacred, but inspiration to write always comes close.

17/02 – Bubble

I was trapped inside the magical Bubble, shouldn’t have stolen that spellbook!

18/02 – Reptile

Humans think they are the peak, but reptiles have ruled all along

19/02 – Charismatic

There was absolutely no hyperbole when they called me a charismatic stallion! (I wasn’t boasting, honest, it’s about a horse!)

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